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Max Mara is an Italian fashion business. It markets up-market ready-to-wear clothing. It was established in 1951 in Reggio Emilia by Achille Maramotti (7 January 1927 – 12 January 2005). In March 2008, the company had 2,254 stores in 90 countries. It sponsors the Max Mara Art Prize for Women. The Weekend brand was born from the need to dress customers in every moment of their day with practical and functional garments. Founded by Achille Maramotti, belongs to the Max Mara Fashion Group. The brand was born from the need to dress customers in every moment of their day with practical and functional garments. Weekend was a success right from the start and today it is also available in the new single-brand stores.

Weekend max mara working environment is toxic and has no work-life balance, a former sales associate wrote at glassdoor.com

"My experience with MMFG was by all means toxic, and the behavior of HR was particularly disturbing. -There were several issues with management making inappropriate comments, promoting gossip and grading associates based on it, and many other things that I’d prefer not to say publicly. -Management would fire or discipline one person for a certain issue while going through hoops to cover up the same errors + more made by others. -The overall environment was quiet and draining with little to no work-life balance. Even the physical store itself was giving out -Management was extremely unsupportive- even combative at times. -I did not feel that anyone cared about our well-being. I remember my doctor *begging* me on the phone to leave work a little early for an extremely urgent procedure because of a medical emergency that occurred before a shift. I didn’t even ask, because my doctor's note was already tossed by HR, saying, “if you’re late you’re late”. I would often be told by management, “you must know, this is a very difficult job...”"


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"I have not received the item I ordered it’s been 2 weeks, the tracking still says processing yet the order status on my weekend account says shipped. I understand Brexit might cause a delay but it didn’t stop my other items from Italy and France arriving to me, I even ordered a coat from the parent company Maxmara themselves and it arrived within 5 days. Disappointed to say the least, I’m actually shocked that a company affiliated with such a big house is so bad and backwards with its website and tracking seems like they’ve only just discovered the internet. The worst part is the customer service, no one responds and I’ve sent out 3 emails via the weekend site , 1 to customer service directly, a refund claim through PayPal and and instagram direct message. My resort is to try and call them tomorrow on the Italian number despite the charge per minute to get an answer, but looking at the other reviews makes me feel anxious about the response. Such a useless company, avoid buying alone, wait till the stores open or call your local store and buy online. I have never purchased from them before and now I won’t ever purchase again."

THS says

"Weekend Max Mara received my package but acknowledges that they lost it internally; now they won’t process the refund. It makes no sense for me to be penalized for an internal error. Shipment and returns were super easy and the clothing is obviously beautiful. But this is terrible customer service."

Ane Sandager says

"Jeg købte en jakke i november. Returnerede den fordi farven var en del anderledes end den så ud på skærmen... og har endnu ikke fået mine penge her 2 måneder senere, selv om de har tilkendegivet, at de har modtaget den. I bought a jacket in November. returned it because the real color was quite a bit different to that shown on the website.... and have not yet received my refund despite the fact, that I have received notice from Max Mara, that they have received the jacket. :-("

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